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Executive Overview A brief introduction of the issues that Executive Dashboard addresses, the Solution it delivers and the overall benefits of implementation. By taking your Key Performance Indicators and building a software metrics with them you can achieve business process improvement.
Benefits An overview of the Benefits that you can expect to receive by implementing Executive Dashboard, an EIS performance management software application.
Features A discussion of the Features and Benefits of Executive Dashboard.
Screens (1) Screen shots of Dashboards and the menus that are used to create Key Performance Indicators.
Screens (2) Screen shots showing some of the Administrative functions and reports available from Executive Dashboard. Our performance management software, through its performance metrics, will provide up to date performance to plan.
Support An overview of our support approach and methodology.
Services A review of our Partnership approach, Implementation Planning, Training and Support Services.
Contact Form Our web based form to request support on Executive Dashboard. It is our goal to respond within 1 business hour.
Client Quotes A partial list of comments from our current EIS software clients.
Client List A partial list of some of our current EIS clients.
Contact Us Directions on the ways that you can contact us to receive additional information on our performance management software.
Request a Demo An easy to use web based request form to schedule a demo of Executive Dashboard.
Request More Information Needing additional information? Use our easy to use web based request form to receive detail information on our business process management software package, Executive Dashboard.
Become a Reseller Directions on the ways that you can contact us to receive additional information.
Integration Options Interested in integrating Executive Dashboard into your current application? Simply fill out the web based request form for additional information. We will send you information on how easy it is to enter your key performance indicators and performance metrics.
About Us Additional information about the Executive Dashboard team.
Webinar Get a 1 hour overview of how Executive Dashboard improve your company's efficiency by setting and measuring company wide goals.
Executive Dashboard a web based key performance indicator structured executive information system that allows you to visually keep track of the performance of your overall company’s performance.:

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