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Executive Dashboard is a system designed to improve efficiency by setting and measuring goal criteria and providing easy access to the information. It details the health of each area contributing to the success or failure of an organization.

Executive Dashboard is a very comprehensive software tool available for performance indicator reporting.

Executive Dashboard is not just a method for pointing out problems. It is a work management process for getting problems identified and corrected. Continuously identifying and resolving problems is a fundamental building block for achieving and sustaining excellent operation. Executive Dashboard helps you review the status of expectations, goals, projected progress, etc. This information is displayed in a format similar to an automobile's dashboard and displays important information in an easy to understand format.
  • The Dashboard is divided into panels.
  • Each panel may be made up of one or more gauges.
  • Each gauge display can represent several rollup periods (or quarters of a year on the screen sample.)
  • Each gauge's indicator of success (color) is determined by a calculation that uses values from one or more data points or sub-gauges.
  • Each data point may be assigned expectations or projections for maximum, minimum and target values for each period (month) for the entire year. Actual data point values are added when they become available.
  • The key at the bottom of the screen explains the colors and defines the rollup periods.