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Search and Report on Key Performance Indicators
Reports: Each dashboard can be produced as a report utilizing custom templates. Quick searches are also available for key performance indicators meeting specific criteria.

Design Performance Metric Reports
Design Report Screen: The Design Report screen provides a means to format both the online and printed report. Titles, indicators, and groups of indicators are easily added or removed using drag and drop functionality from the web.

Entry of KPI data
Data Entry Screen: Performance Metric data is added for each key performance indicator (KPI). From a single screen, both actual values and projections for multiple indicators or time periods are entered.

KPI Criteria
Criteria (Health) Codes Screen: Unlimited levels of criteria can be added to the system. Users can choose from color codes to custom graphics to display the health of their performance measures.

KPI Periods
Period Codes Screen: Period Codes are the smallest unit of time for a key performance indicator. They represent the level at which data is either entered or calculated. The application does allow indicators representing different time periods to be placed together on the same dashboard./div>

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